2018 Tile Trends and Picks from TISE

Jun 30, 2021
Home Decor

Introduction to Tile Trends

At Flare Furnishings, we understand the importance of keeping up with the latest trends in home design. Tiles play a crucial role in enhancing the overall aesthetics of any space, offering both functionality and style. In this article, we bring you the top 2018 tile trends curated from the Tile and Stone Show (TISE).

The Cozy Tile Trend

Creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home is essential. In 2018, we witnessed a surge in tile designs inspired by the concept of coziness. These tiles feature warm colors, natural textures, and rustic finishes. From wood-look tiles that mimic the warmth of hardwood to enveloping earth tones that evoke a sense of comfort, the cozy tile trend adds a touch of homeliness to any room.

Add Warmth with Wood-Look Tiles

Wood-look tiles continue to be a popular choice among homeowners, and for good reason. They offer the warmth and charm of hardwood flooring while providing the durability and ease of maintenance that tiles are known for. With advancements in technology, these tiles now closely resemble genuine wood, even replicating its natural grains and textures.

Embrace Earth Tones

Earth tones, such as warm browns, soft greens, and deep terracotta, are making a comeback in tile design. These colors bring a sense of grounding and tranquility to any space, creating a cozy and harmonious environment. Whether enhancing your kitchen backsplash or adding an accent wall in your living room, earth-toned tiles can make a statement without overwhelming the overall design.

The Stylish Tile Trend

In 2018, style took center stage in tile design. As homeowners seek to elevate their spaces, tiles have become a focal point for creating unique and stylish interiors. From intricate patterns to bold geometrics, the stylish tile trend offers a plethora of options to express your personal style.

Make a Statement with Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles have become increasingly popular, allowing homeowners to add visual interest and personality to their spaces. Whether you prefer intricate arabesque patterns or bold geometric designs, patterned tiles can transform a plain floor or wall into a work of art. Discover endless possibilities and let your creativity shine.

Elevate with Metallic Accents

For a touch of luxury and sophistication, consider tiles with metallic accents. These tiles feature hints of gold, silver, or copper, adding a glamorous element to any room. From sleek, modern bathrooms to elegant kitchen backsplashes, metallic tiles create a dramatic yet refined look that exudes style.

The Chic Tile Trend

Chic and contemporary design has been gaining popularity in recent years, and the tile industry has embraced this trend wholeheartedly. In 2018, we saw an emergence of tiles that exude elegance, minimalism, and understated luxury. These chic tile designs provide a timeless appeal to any space.

Simplicity in Marble

Marble has always been associated with luxury and sophistication. In 2018, the use of marble-inspired tiles skyrocketed, allowing homeowners to achieve the classic beauty of marble without the high cost and maintenance. Whether you opt for white, gray, or black marble, these tiles exude elegance and create a sleek, polished look in any room.

Embrace Neutral Color Palettes

Neutral color palettes continue to dominate the chic tile trend. From soft beiges and creams to cool grays and whites, these tiles provide a versatile backdrop that can effortlessly complement any decor style. Embrace the simplicity and sophistication of neutral tiles to create a soothing and harmonious ambiance in your home.


Flare Furnishings is dedicated to bringing the latest tile trends to homeowners looking to create a cozy, stylish, and chic living space. Explore our hand-picked selection of tiles inspired by the 2018 trends from TISE. Let us help you transform your home into a comforting haven that reflects your personal style and enhances the overall ambiance of your space.