The Guest Bedroom for the 2017 Pasadena Showcase House

Sep 10, 2023
Home Decor


Welcome to the elegant and sophisticated guest bedroom designed by Flare Furnishings for the prestigious 2017 Pasadena Showcase House. As a leading brand in the eCommerce & Shopping - Furniture category, Flare Furnishings strives to provide the finest furniture and exquisite accessories to create stunning spaces that exude luxury and style.

Creating a Luxurious Guest Bedroom

At Flare Furnishings, we understand the importance of creating a comfortable and inviting guest bedroom that reflects your personal taste and style. The 2017 Pasadena Showcase House guest bedroom showcases our commitment to providing high-end furniture and décor solutions for your discerning needs.

Exquisite Furniture and Accessories

Our collection of furniture and accessories is carefully curated to elevate your guest bedroom to new heights of elegance. From beautifully crafted bed frames adorned with luxurious fabrics to tastefully designed side tables and lamps, every piece is chosen with meticulous attention to detail.

Soothing Color Palette

The color palette of the guest bedroom is carefully designed to create a calming and serene atmosphere. Soft hues of creams, blues, and grays blend harmoniously, providing a tranquil ambiance that promotes relaxation and comfort.

Sumptuous Bedding

When it comes to the guest bedroom, the quality of the bedding cannot be compromised. That's why at Flare Furnishings, we offer a range of premium bed linens, duvets, and pillows that promise a blissful night's sleep for your guests. Choose from a variety of materials, thread counts, and styles to cater to individual preferences.

Attention to Detail

Flare Furnishings believes in the power of exquisite detailing to transform a space. In the guest bedroom, you'll find intricately patterned wallpapers, elegant window treatments, and tastefully placed decorative accents that add sophistication and charm to every corner of the room.

Functional and Stylish Storage

A well-designed guest bedroom should provide ample storage options to keep belongings organized and out of sight. Flare Furnishings offers a range of stylish storage solutions, including chic dressers, armoires, and closet systems that marry functionality with aesthetics.

Enhancing the Lighting

The right lighting can transform any space and create a warm and inviting ambiance. In the guest bedroom at the 2017 Pasadena Showcase House, Flare Furnishings showcases an array of stunning chandeliers, pendant lights, and wall sconces that provide both task lighting and aesthetic appeal.


With its impeccable design and attention to detail, the guest bedroom at the 2017 Pasadena Showcase House by Flare Furnishings epitomizes luxury and elegance. Discover our extensive collection of high-end furniture and accessories, perfect for creating your dream guest bedroom. Experience the Flare Furnishings difference and elevate your space to new heights of sophistication and style.