Recap of the 10 Biggest High Point Market Trends, Fall 2013

Oct 29, 2020
Home Decor


Welcome to Flare Furnishings, your ultimate source for the latest furniture and home decor trends. In this article, we present a detailed recap of the 10 biggest trends that emerged from the renowned Fall 2013 High Point Market. Stay ahead of the style curve and elevate your living spaces with our carefully curated selection of trendy and high-quality furniture pieces and accessories.

Trend 1: Sustainable Materials

One of the prominent trends observed at the Fall 2013 High Point Market was the focus on sustainability and eco-friendly materials. Furniture designers and manufacturers showcased their commitment to the environment by incorporating recycled, organic, and renewable materials into their creations. At Flare Furnishings, we offer a wide range of furniture made from sustainable materials to help you create an eco-conscious and stylish home.

Trend 2: Vintage-inspired Designs

A touch of nostalgia swept through the Fall 2013 High Point Market, with vintage-inspired furniture and decor making a comeback. From retro patterns to mid-century modern silhouettes, our collection at Flare Furnishings celebrates the elegance and timeless appeal of vintage designs. Transform your space into a charming oasis of nostalgia with our handpicked selection.

Trend 3: Bold and Vibrant Colors

The market was bursting with an array of bold and vibrant hues that brought energy and excitement to interior spaces. Whether it was a statement sofa in a rich jewel tone or accent pieces in vibrant pops of color, the Fall 2013 High Point Market showcased the power of color in transforming any room. At Flare Furnishings, we have an extensive range of furniture and accessories available in a multitude of colors, allowing you to infuse your space with personality and style.

Trend 4: Luxurious Velvet

Versatile and timeless, velvet made a grand appearance at the Fall 2013 High Point Market. Offering a sumptuous texture and a touch of elegance, velvet upholstery took center stage. At Flare Furnishings, we offer a stunning selection of velvet furniture pieces designed to elevate your interiors and add a touch of luxury to your living spaces.

Trend 5: Modern Minimalism

Clean lines, simple forms, and a focus on functionality were key characteristics of the modern minimalist trend at the Fall 2013 High Point Market. Embrace simplicity and create a serene atmosphere in your home with our collection of minimalistic furniture and accessories. At Flare Furnishings, we believe that less is more, and our offerings reflect the beauty of understated elegance.

Trend 6: Statement Lighting

Lighting took center stage at the Fall 2013 High Point Market, with designers showcasing stunning statement lighting fixtures. From oversized chandeliers to unique floor lamps, lighting became a focal point in interior design. Illuminate your living spaces with our exquisite collection of statement lighting, designed to add a touch of drama and sophistication to your home.

Trend 7: Mixed Materials

Blurring the boundaries between different materials, the trend of mixing and contrasting materials was prevalent at the Fall 2013 High Point Market. Combining wood and metal, glass and concrete, or leather and steel, designers created captivating furniture pieces that exuded modernity and elegance. At Flare Furnishings, we offer an extensive selection of furniture showcasing the beauty of mixed materials, allowing you to make a bold design statement in your space.

Trend 8: Organic Shapes

Nature-inspired and organic shapes were on full display at the Fall 2013 High Point Market. From curvaceous sofas to sculptural coffee tables, furniture designers embraced the beauty of fluid lines and natural forms. Embrace the harmonious connection between nature and design by exploring our collection of furniture featuring organic shapes that bring a sense of tranquility to your interiors.

Trend 9: Global Influences

Designers drew inspiration from cultures around the world, resulting in an infusion of global influences at the Fall 2013 High Point Market. Intricate patterns, exotic materials, and cultural motifs adorned furniture pieces and decor items, creating a visually captivating tapestry. Immerse yourself in a world of cultural wonders with our collection at Flare Furnishings, where we celebrate diversity and the beauty of global design.

Trend 10: Multi-functional Furniture

With the growing need for adaptable and versatile living spaces, multi-functional furniture took the spotlight at the Fall 2013 High Point Market. From modular sofas to innovative storage solutions, designers presented furniture that could seamlessly transform to meet changing needs. Discover the power of functionality with our range of multi-functional furniture, designed to maximize space and enhance convenience without compromising on style.

In Conclusion

Thank you for joining us on this informative journey through the 10 biggest trends of the Fall 2013 High Point Market. At Flare Furnishings, we pride ourselves on our ability to curate a comprehensive collection of furniture and home decor that reflects the latest design movements and caters to diverse tastes and preferences. Shop with us today and create a home that effortlessly combines style, comfort, and individuality.