Upholstery Styles

May 18, 2019
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Welcome to Flare Furnishings' Upholstery Styles page, your ultimate destination for finding the perfect upholstery for your home. With a wide range of stylish and versatile options to choose from, we take pride in offering high-quality furniture that will elevate the look and feel of any space.

Contemporary Upholstery

If you're a fan of sleek lines, minimalistic design, and modern aesthetics, our contemporary upholstery collection is tailored to your taste. Embracing the latest trends, we offer a variety of seating options and fabrics that perfectly blend comfort and style. Whether you prefer clean neutrals or bold pops of color, our contemporary upholstery will transform your living space into a chic haven.

Traditional Upholstery

For those who prefer classic elegance and timeless appeal, our traditional upholstery collection is designed with your preferences in mind. From exquisite fabrics to intricate detailing, each piece reflects the rich heritage of traditional craftsmanship. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home with our tastefully curated selection of traditional upholstery options.

Mid-Century Modern Upholstery

Embrace the charm of mid-century modern design with our collection of stylish and nostalgic upholstery. Inspired by the iconic furniture of the 1950s and 1960s, our mid-century modern collection captures the essence of this era while incorporating contemporary comfort. Explore our range of bold patterns, retro colors, and unique silhouettes to add a touch of vintage flair to your home.

Transitional Upholstery

If you're torn between the allure of traditional and contemporary styles, our transitional upholstery collection offers the perfect balance. Combining elements from both worlds, these pieces effortlessly blend classic charm with modern functionality. With versatile designs and neutral color palettes, our transitional upholstery complements any interior style, allowing you to create a harmonious and welcoming home.

Customizable Options

At Flare Furnishings, we understand that every individual has unique preferences when it comes to upholstery. That's why many of our pieces offer customizable options, allowing you to tailor the upholstery to your exact specifications. From fabric selection to cushion fillings, our customization process ensures that your furniture reflects your personal style and meets your comfort requirements.

Expert Craftsmanship

When investing in upholstery, quality is paramount. That's why Flare Furnishings takes pride in our commitment to expert craftsmanship. Each piece in our collection undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure durability and longevity. From the sturdy frame construction to the precision stitching, our upholstery is designed to withstand everyday use and retain its beauty for years to come.

Find Your Perfect Upholstery at Flare Furnishings

With our extensive selection of upholstery styles, Flare Furnishings is your go-to destination for finding furniture that combines style, comfort, and quality. Browse our online catalog today to discover the perfect piece that will transform your living space into a haven of elegance and functionality.

Michael Phan
I love the contemporary upholstery! It adds a touch of sophistication to any room. Can't wait to redecorate!
Nov 8, 2023
Larry Katz
Great variety of stylish upholstery!
Oct 6, 2023